Our local crew consists of a selection of professional staff, covering many key roles and skills. We offer a crew that does not only has extensive experience in its field, but also closely collaborates during the construction and deconstruction of concerts, festivals and theatre productions. Crew Solutions provides specialists in the fields of light, sound, video and motion, but also in countless other stage related areas. Our specialist staff can be subdivided as follows:


The stagehand is the basic helping hand, skilled in multiple disciplines and responsible for the loading and unloading of materials, placing of light and sound equipment, safely laying cables and setting up the scenery. Stagehands have a basic knowledge of all the phases of production. They are a crucial helping hand with any important job!

Stage-steel hand SH

The tasks of steel hands (carpenters) lie mainly in providing assistance during the construction of the stage/set, light and camera towers and the correct placement of heavy equipment and tools. Our men of steel level the stage floors, conduct steel and construct tents.

Scaffolder SC

Safety first! The trouble-shooting scaffolder doesn’t understand the word ‘impossible’. With their technical expertise our scaffolders will erect complex and trustworthy constructions. Stages and towers, added supports to hang lights or audio, camera platforms… you name it! Their constructions can rise to a sky high level.

Forklift driver FLD

Our qualified forklift drivers have a broad experience in other aspects of the industry. They have a well-developed knowledge of the used materials and general practices at event locations and warehouses. They work safely, quickly and efficiently.

Follow spot operator FO

Crew Solution provides knowledgeable spot operators who have had extensive training and can be used in concerts, television shows, musical shows, theatre productions and sport events.  Many great international artists have stood in our spotlights during their performances.  Our follow spot operators can be positioned on a truss if necessary.

Crew boss/ Crew chief

The crew chief is the point of contact between your staff and our crew members. Your requirements are communicated effectively so projects can run to your satisfaction.  Because of their analytical skills and experience the crew chief can be trusted to manage any part of your project or event. They ensure that team members are being utilised efficiently and working to their best ability in order to deliver an outstanding service.

Light-, sound,- video engineers

These engineers are professionals in their own right, as they can make or break your show. Our talented specialist technicians are up-to-date with the latest techniques and possibilities.


Riggers and ground riggers have a role that is much depended upon even when their jobs cannot be accomplished by ordinary means. Crew Solutions offers professional riggers with a broad experience in installing a wide variety of sets and events.

Set designers

The most basic part of the concert, theatre, festival or exhibition experience is of course made by the set. It determines the physical overall look and technical possibilities. Our professional creative upholsters and carpenters will design the perfect stage for you.


Never underestimate the value of a good runner/driver.  An inventive professional, with all the necessary driving licenses will take care of the safe transfer of artists and staff. They are always at hand and keen to help out where they can. Crew Solutions can provide from its own fleet of cars if necessary.

Site crew

The site crew is the first and the last crew on the job. The site crew consists of flexible workers employable in various jobs on the event location/area.

Catering assistants

Whether we speak of an indoor- or outdoor event, a big or a small show, experienced catering assistants with a broad knowledge in the trade are indispensable. They do not only prepare a variety of meals, they are also responsible for cleaning. Of course, this is all done professionally and with a smile on their face.

Wardrobe assistants

Our competent and discreet assistants make sure that everyone is looking “spruced up”.  Armed with needle and thread, they will make sure that every artist fits smoothly into their costumes, ready to perform on time.