Concerts, shows and events are our world.  Crew Solutions offers a broad variety of solutions in the world of music, theatre, events, exhibitions and stand building.  We provide both local and international personnel. Crew Solutions is based on a highly skilled staff and a carefully selected, all round professional crew. Our pool consists of fully certified employees in all related trade disciplines.

Our extensive knowledge and years of experience have made us what we are today; a market leader and a trustworthy partner. Long-term relationships, flexibility, ad-hoc support, a solution- orientated approach and sharp pricing are key to us. Crew Solutions has its own fleet of cars and all employees are outfitted to meet with the requirements of the job; whether it is about representation or meeting with safety standards.

With our highly advanced “made to measure“ software system, Crew Solutions provides its clients and employees with a 24/7 planning solution. Our experienced back office team will closely manage the day to day business, because whatever happens… The show must go on!